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Speech; Communication

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All truths come in paradox and the same is with Rosh Hashanah wherein great emphasis is placed on the simple recitation of the sacred words of Psalms.
This class emphasizes the special quality of speech which is the ultimate expression of the soul as explained in Chassidic thought.
This class discusses the laws related to communication: greeting, listening, empathizing, ignoring, and shaming.
Have you ever met a Rabbi who could give you an inspiring message in just two minutes? Well, here it is….
Learning Torah illuminates the mind with the light of G-dliness. Here is a story that displays the virtue of women and Torah knowledge.
Most of what we know about the life of the Ba'al Shem Tov comes from the stories transmitted by his circle of disciples and their students. What kind of religious value do we ascribe to stories of the righteous in Judaism? What is the function of stories ...
The great importance in telling stories of miracles performed by tzaddikim.
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