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One of my responsibilities at Chabad.org includes approving reader comments. Yup, you know when you post at the end of an article? Well, an actual person has to read that comment, see if it meets our posting guidelines, make edits if necessary, and push “...
One little dude throwing words at another little dude.
Testing fate with your words
Can We Be Satan’s Assistants?
Jewish texts caution us against saying self-derogatory things, lest they later become self-fulfilling prophecies. Why would our mere words be held against us in the heavenly court and actually impact the divine judgement? This class presents a window into...
Not one time do we mention our wrongdoings or ask for forgiveness on this awesome day. Why? Because on this Day of Judgment our words have a powerful effect, and our prayers have the strength to transform . . .
Only once we are free can we speak. Slaves do not speak. They don’t have a voice. And even if they do, they will not be heard . . .
Finding Our Voice
While they mourn, we must speak for them. We must let the world know that we are not going anywhere, and our voices will only get louder the more others try to quiet us . . .
“You love all your children just as much as you love me . . . so that can’t be possible. But I only have one mommy. And I love no one just as much,” I reasoned...
Becoming One with Your Spouse
The Language of Love
A look at different styles of communication and learning how to effectively express your feelings and needs to your spouse.
“Yesterday I went into The Red Shed and looked for the photography stall. I asked the owner, Anne, if she remembered a family with lots of children coming in and she said ‘yes’ immediately,” my mother-in-law paused . . .
Talking to Your Teen
How to open up the lines of communication with your children.
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