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Perspective & Attitude

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Why do placebos work? It is because people are gullible, or because something deeper is at play? Believing we are being healed can change us physically. Our thoughts and attitudes are powerful. Learn how to better shape and mold your reality.
A Taste of Text—Vayishlach
How to react when confronted with an opportunity that may challenge, tempt or oppose your beliefs or goals . . .
A Taste of Text—Noach
When life is rushing by leaving you with an endless to do list, when you feel swamped with the demands of life, how can you cope?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Beshalach
We all face hardship, pain and challenges in life, and at times we may ask: where is G-d in all of this? Let’s probe deeper to find perspective when it all seems random.
We can perceive the world as darkness or dawn, the choice is ours (A short talk at Cteen's 'Soul-Care' event).
A fascinating look into the source of our default condition of negative biases and the need to constantly work towards a positive bias to challenge the illusion of disconnect.
The Rebbe showed us how living a life of positivity is a choice, not circumstance; and derives from one’s perspective, and not just from one’s personality.
Devoloping a Positivity Bias
A lesson from two people sitting in a graphologist’s office
We don’t always see things the way they are, we see them the way we are. The illustration of a big tree and a little shrub offers three essentials for loving relationships.
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