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Nigun, The

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Nigun, The: (lit. "melody") Chassidic melody, often wordless and repeated several times, which is intended to express and stir one’s soul
Listen to our collection of Jewish music and Chassidic songs that inspire the heart and express the soul. Also enjoy listening to and learning the traditional Shabbat songs and prayers.
The centrality of song in Chabad
“Each ‘gate’ of a chassidic melody,” taught Rabbi Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch, “must be repeated twice. The first time only traces a form; the second carves deep into the soul . . .” Reflections for the anuual “Shabbat of Song.”
The "Nigunim" the Rebbe Taught
Listen to and learn about the thirteen chassidic melodies the Rebbe taught to his chassidim
These songs can uplift the soul to profound heights.
There is a historical connection between the Chabad movement and the Sephardic world.
Russian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian peasants were a source for beloved songs, sometimes with Hebrew or Yiddish added.
The Power of Music
Even now, years later, the tune of that melody is still in my head. I access it when I need to unwind. I connect to it like the words of a lover's poem. Yet it went beyond what words could express. It was as if the rhythm of my soul could be found in betw...
Question: I am Jewish and was introduced to Siddha Yoga in 1975. i was very involved with Siddha Yoga, even after I was introduced to Chabad. I was married to my Jewish husband in 1995. Recently, I have been conflicted. In quiet times, the Siddha Yoga man...
The nigun, chassidic song, is a central component in the service of G-d; often wordless melodies intended to stir and express the soul.
That his Shabbat prayer was a gift to last all my years, Grandfather could hardly have known. And in the very last moments before my carriage moved, he gave me still another, utterly precious gift...
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