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Day, The

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Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 28
The first blessing of the Shema begins with the notion of forming light and creating darkness (day and night). Also described is the uniquely divine nature of creation and the need for the continuous creative force.
What makes a Jewish nightly routine different? Here's how a night time schedule impacted by Torah values can help us end our day on a high note and begin our next day positively.
A common denominator of successful people is how they determine the schedule of their waking hours and filling it with moments of gratitude, meditation, mindfulness and meaning. Here's what the Code of Jewish Law tells us about how a successful Jewish mor...
Determining halachic times and its ramifications
Our sages declare that the night was created for girsa – Torah study. They chose their words carefully: Girsa denotes a cursory type of study, intended to cover ground in Torah. It is not necessarily deep. Yet, the sages maintain that nighttime was create...
The Torah does not tell us the exact times when many important events occurred. Nevertheless, we are told that Pharoah commanded the Jews to leave Egypt exactly at midnight on the 15th of Nissan. Further, the Torah narrates the exact moment they actually ...
The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 11
In the second exchange between the stoic philosopher Antoninus, who was Caesar of Rome, and Rebbi, the redactor of the Mishna, they discuss the solar orbit—specifically, the nature of the sun’s setting. Although from a modern astronomical and scientific p...
Understanding the Modeh Ani Prayer and Netilat Yadayim Washing
The way you get up in the morning, affects your whole day. Here's how to do it right!
Examining questions raised by the opponents to Chassidism
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