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Present, The

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The past is bounded, the future is blank; G‑d is now. Forever.
Can you imagine how much easier it would be to move forward if we could look at our past and realize that just as we have changed, grown and developed, so too have those that let us down? The person they were may have caused us pain, but the person they a...
Ethics 4:2
I’m building my spiritual photo album. Hopefully, all the pictures will be high resolution, and all graced with genuine smiles. But perhaps I’m missing out on something . . .
If you’re not fully present in the preparatory stages, you won’t be fully present when you arrive
The division of land was so essential that G-d fully invested Himself in its process. It was a visual and auditory experience for the nation, one that perhaps left a life-long imprint...
A Jewish Love Story
A wonderful story that illustrates how every moment in life is an opportunity to do a mitzvah
There are some who push through life just trying to get from one day to the next. There are others who say that every moment is to be savored. Abraham's attitude surpassed both of these.
To be in the moment, you can't recede into the comfort of your own little reality. You have to be brave, and stay in G-d's reality. This is what Twelve-Step Programs often call:"Accepting life on life's terms."
We don't understand those people who "stop and smell the flowers" and extol the simple pleasures of life. Some of us wouldn't recognize a "simple pleasure" if it jumped up and bit us.
When the rebbe indicated that he would deliver a chassidic discourse, the students began to sing the introductory melody. But, being anxious to hear the discourse, they rushed through the melody . . .
I love my sleep. And I need it desperately. Though it is something I rarely get. If I am lucky, I have about five hours of shut eye a night. If I am lucky. Many other nights that is reduced to only four, sometimes three. Being that I get up at 7:00 am to ...
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