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Doctor, The

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A penetrating presentation on the ethical practice of medicine, ultimately addressing questions like: if G-d is the ultimate Healer, why are we permitted to heal, and is the practice of medicine a moral obligation? The entire lecture is ultimately based o...
May your primary work as a doctor be in preventive medicine. But since there are those who, for now, need to be healed, may you merit to utilize G-d’s permission for a doctor to cure, in a good and successful manner. (Collage)
After spending a month at his ill father’s bedside, Dr. Stuart Ditchek had the unique privilege of meeting privately with the Rebbe. The Rebbe brought to light a common connection the two of them shared, and gave him an open invitation to visit. (1986)
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the permissibility of a doctor to strike. May doctors who are underpaid and overworked refuse to treat those in need of medicine? He concludes by comparing an approach to medical ethics in which conclusive decisions are made to ...
Rabbi Steinsaltz cites the biblical source from which the Talmud derives the permissibility of a doctor to treat patients. He then discusses the related topic of whether a doctor is indeed obligated to treat patients. He questions whether such an obligati...
Dr. Mordechai Shani is an Israeli physician and medical Professor. Intrigued by the Rebbe’s words to him one Simchas Torah, he decided to follow up with a private audience. The meeting, which discussed developments in healthcare, continues to impact him t...
Dr. Ira Weiss served as the Rebbe’s chief cardiologist from 1977 to 1994.
“The word ‘Esrog’ forms an acronym for the verse: ‘Let not the foot of arrogance overtake me.’ This is especially pertinent to a successful doctor, that he should never claim: ‘My own strength has brought me my success.’”
As a doctor, you should heal as many Jews as possible, and non-Jews, as well. Best would be to have healthy patients, and to earn your livelihood from preventative medicine.
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