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A penetrating presentation on the ethical practice of medicine, ultimately addressing questions like: if G-d is the ultimate Healer, why are we permitted to heal, and is the practice of medicine a moral obligation? The entire lecture is ultimately based o...
Rabbi Steinsaltz elaborates on the various proscribed medicines in the Talmud. He notes that most medicinal treatments recommended are verbal, with little from animal and mineral products. The medicine in the Talmud seemed to remain rather independent fro...
Medical Ethics from a Talmudic Perspective
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the value of human life according to the Talmud, and investigates various ethical questions that arise from our understanding of this value.
How does he see that he may be holding a heart in his hand, but life is not in his hands, that he can make a man live or die, but has no right over life and death, and has no right to do anything but heal?
Here is a short but powerful prayer that you should say before undergoing a medical procedure or taking medicine.
By making a blessing we recognize and acknowledge that G‑d is the source of all sustenance and that the earth and all its bounties belong to Him.
There is nothing in Jewish law that would preclude a person from benefiting from a blood transfusion (or donating blood, for that matter). Furthermore, according to Jewish belief, saving a life is one of the most important mitzvot (commandments), overridi...
My Grandmother, the Doctor
This was back in 1965, when women doctors were indeed a rarity, and Miss Flanagan could not conceive of them at all...
Question: I have type 2 diabetes, and I'm unable to control it adequately with oral medication, and thus require insulin injections. The products my doctor is suggesting are made either from human cadavers or porcine (pork) product. What should I do? Answ...
The Rabbi and the Scientist
Could religion work in tandem with medicine? Who makes us ill and who makes us healthy? How should we view medicine?
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