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We can’t assume that if trouble is happening, we will hear it. Rather, we must look around and see who isn’t making any noise, and try to figure out why not. Because sometimes it is the one not saying a word who is begging to be heard . . .
Silence can be the most devastating sound possible; yet at times also the most rewarding. How is your silence?
While talking can accomplish a lot, silence can be golden. When we stop taking space and begin making space, there is suddenly room for innovation and creativity. More importantly, there is space for another person.
When we get to the climax of the prayer service, the top rung of the ladder, the Amida, what do we hear? Nothing. Just lips moving. But why? Why, after all the hub-bub, when we get to the heart of our personal conversation with G-d, do we finally go silen...
When we visit someone who has lost a loved one, we want them to know that we are there for them—to comfort them and to give them strength. The best way we can express that is by being silent in order to be guided by their needs...
Ethics 1:17
The ability to communicate is central to human function. Why then would the sages suggest that silence is a value worth pursuing? Isn't silence the absence of speech?
Lessons From My Forced Voice Rest
iFve weeks later—weeks of slow progress—my drill sergeant, eh hem, my speech therapist upped the ante and put me on a solid month of vocal rest, in an effort to reverse the damage I have inflicted on my pipes...
"The radio," Aldous Huxley once wrote, "is nothing but a conduit through which pre-fabricated din can flow into our homes." If noise was an issue years back, clearly today the noise level has been upped a thousand degrees.
A "Moment of Silence" to start the schoolday
The need for a "moment of silence" to give context and meaning to the school day; a time for our children to reflect on the 'why' of their learning, rather than just the how
The most eloquent Holocaust Memorial I've ever seen? Survivors dancing at their grandchildren's weddings and great-grandchildren's bar mitzvahs
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