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Future, The

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I don’t know what will happen in 2012 but I do know that the world will not end.
The End of What?
What is it that will come to an end in the future redemption, and what will existence be like?
A Revolution in Human Consciousness
The coming of Moshiach is the fulfillment of G-d's plan for creation that human beings enter an era in which they will all pursue the knowledge of G-d.
If we cannot give up our worries about the future, then our trust in Him is tenuous, conditional and half-hearted. What we are really telling G‑d is that our relationship with Him is conditional.
Are we judged by what we've done, or by what we're going to do? An encouraging message from this week's parshah
Lag BaOmer
It’s my favorite oxymoron: If one indeed lives in the future, it’s not the future anymore, is it? And if one only thinks he’s living in the future, then he's not really living there, is he?
Engulfed in aches, submerged in inertia, I've forgotten who I was. I see myself as a huge lump on a couch. Incapable of much else, I begin to think...
Are you hero or victim? The hero who never cries nor feels the fear, the panic, the regrets that are part and parcel of his condition? The victim who never encounters his bravery nor feels the transcendent power of rising above death, if only for a moment...
How the Passover time machine allows us to experience the past—and the future
Is Chabad relevant to world peace?
The Rebbe had a certain vision, a very radical vision, of heaven, earth and the human being. Radical, but somehow completely grounded in the same tradition in which all these crazy modern values are rooted.
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