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How well do you know your Jewish history? It’s not an objective question, not just that anyway. It’s a profoundly personal question. You are the result of more than three millennia of Jewish history. Your habits, your quirks, your likes and dislikes, your...
The Passover Seder clarifies why there’s no word for history in the Torah.
A fascinating difference in the secular and Jewish approach to history.
The Last Day of Time
If we map time, can we tell where it is taking us? The results are just too uncanny to be written off as coincidence.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson discusses the definition of biography in Judaism, and what it means to write a biography of a Rebbe, in the context of three biographies published recently.
Why do historical accounts appear in Maimonides' legal code?
An analysis of Maimonides' use of historiography as an introduction to law. Examples from the Laws of Foreign Worship, the Laws of Megillah and Chanukah, and from the closing chapter of Mishneh Torah.
A Thousand Years of Jewish Settlement in China
Over many centuries changing political and economic realities brought several distinct waves of Jewish emigrants to China, their impact was international and their history reverberates until today.
Interpretations of archaeological, visual and textual evidence
The complex legal history of Judaism's holiest site
Though the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is technically under Israeli sovereignty. But due to the complex history of the site's status under international and Israeli law, and also due to Jewish legal (i.e. halachic) considerations, access to Jews remains sev...
Ancient Synagogues of Northern Israel
A history of synagogues in the Second Temple period in Northern Israel as presented by an archeologist who has excavated many of the sites of these synagogues.
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