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The story of the Jewish People over 3,300 years
A tour of Jewish history through the millennia, from our biblical fathers to the upheavals of the 20th century
The six millennia that made you who you are.
You are the result of more than three millennia of Jewish history. Your habits, your quirks, your likes and dislikes, your sense of humor, the way you think, the way you see reality, the way you interact with your family, your friends, your neighbors, you...
Jewish History from the Destruction to Modernity
This history of the Jewish people in exile covers roughly two millennia, beginning with the Mishnaic period and continuing through to the Modern Age.
Stories of the Tanach
A history of the Jewish people as detailed in the books of the Tanach (Jewish Bible), beginning with the book of Joshua.
Creation of Heaven and Earth, and Adam and Eve The Forefathers Living in Egypt Traveling Through the Desert Judges and Early Prophets Kings and the First Holy Temple Exile in Babylon Building of the Second Holy Temple Greek Cultural Domination Kingdom of ...
I am a grandchild of Holocaust survivors but I feel haunted as if I went through it myself. I regularly see images of Auschwitz in dreams and flashes. I am sometimes even scared to tell people I am Jewish. Am I crazy?
Somehow the anonymity of a diverse group of strangers coming together from far and near, opens the channels of communication, awakens sleeping hearts and forges new bonds. Personal life stories begin flowing freely just as the choice wines at each meal...
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