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Holy Temple, The

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Holy Temple, The: the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
The Construction, Description of the Temple, The Dedication
The Sanctuary, The Architects, Plan of the Sanctuary, The Holy Vessels, The Priests, Consecration of the, Tabernacle, Death of Nadab and Abihu, Cloud the and Pillars of Fire
Why Confine G-d to a Single Place? Parshas Terumah relates G-d’s command to take gold and silver and other articles (13 different substances according to some commentaries,Shir HaShirim Rabbah 4:13; Zohar, Vol. II, p. 148a; Midrash Tanchuma, Terumah, sec....
The Jewish people have come a long way since G-d called Abraham to follow Him to the promised land.
Cities of Refuge , A Promise That Was Kept, Shiloh: The Spiritual Center
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