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Holy Temple, The

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Holy Temple, The: the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
"Live and let live!" "It's not your place to mix in!" Are these tolerant voices of acceptance or words cloaking our apathy in our age of impersonalization?
Artist’s Statement: This painting, completed in 2002, references Jeremiah 52:12–23.
Artist’s Statement: “'Not by military force and not by physical strength, but by My spirit,' says the Lord of Hosts.” This quote from Zechariah is written on the menorah that was found in the desecrated Temple. Olive trees surround the central pipe becaus...
Artist’s Statement: Prayer unites the Jewish nation.
Artist’s Statement: People unite to pray at the Western Wall.
Artist’s Statement: From a series of paintings called “Let My People Go.” The Western Wall, a message on the stone.
Artist’s Statement: We read in the Torah several times that the Ten Commandments were written on "luchot haeven" - "tablets of stone." Wouldn’t once be enough? The reason it's mentioned a few times is to teach us that the holy Torah is inextricably bound ...
My Dove in the Cleft of the Rock
Artist’s Statement: From a series of paintings inspired by extreme close-up views of the unique texture of the Western Wall rock surfaces, "married" to the flames from the L'ag B'omer bonfires, revealing countless visages and faces, as if the Kotel itself...
By Odi Kletzki
Artist’s Statement: Kotel captures the Western Wall, weathered with tears and emotion. The Western Wall it our rock, carrying us through the many difficult times our nation has endured.
The passage is curious. G‑d proposes, always, that we come closer to Him—but here He demands a conspicuous distance. He seems to want to create a "mystery" of an "Inner Sanctum": "Gaze At It And Die!"
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