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Holy Temple, The

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Holy Temple, The: the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
G-d commands the Jewish people in this week's Torah portion to build Him a sanctuary. It starts out as the Mishkan and develops into the first and second and soon to be third Temple in Jerusalem. Why is it that from all the commandments, this one has such...
A series of classes on the Holy Temple and its significance
For 830 years -- from 833 to 423 BCE and again from 349 BCE to 69 CE -- there stood an edifice upon a Jerusalem hilltop which served as the point of contact between heaven and earth.
Are Jews permitted to go up to the Temple Mount on the other side of the Western Wall? Also, can we build the Holy Temple and/or bring sacrifices today?
It is generally not a good idea to be unreasonable. But the irrational has its place in life as well. What is "good craziness" and when is it appropriate?
This class sets forth the special significance of the kiyor – the wash basin the kohen uses in preparation to the service in the Temple.
This class explains in-depth the specialty of the wood used with the korbanos – sacrifices.
This class details the special centrality and spiritual meaning in offering sacrifices in Temple times.
This class expounds upon the deeper dimension of the me’il; the special robe the Kohen Gadol wears in the Holy Temple.
This class illuminates the special quality of the Temple menorah and the deeper meaning to its required details and design.
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