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Watch a visual presentation on the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple), the center of our nation and the place where we were closest to G-d. This webcast provides a general overview of the Temple’s magnificent structure and the awesome experience one encountered...
A preparation for prayer; a consciousness of a great presence.
Explore the special connection between Yaakov and the Third Holy Temple.
The spiritual significance of the design and measurements of the entrance to the Heichal – the most sacred structure of the Holy Temple. (Based on Reshimah dated Nissan 2, 5700 / 1940, Paris)
Studying about the construction and details of the 2nd Holy Temple informs us in the building of the final third Temple.
The three sections in the Holy Temple represent three levels of reality. Explore components of the Beit Hamikdash and their mirroring mystical attributes.
Ascending gradations of holiness and beyond
Learn why the Holy Temple was specifically built on an incline and not on level ground. Next, we explore the sacred vessels of the Temple: are they to be viewed as parts of a greater whole or of individual value? This insight conveys a profound truth in t...
Learn the unique attributes of the three holy Temples, and why the future temple will be eternal.
Two dimensions in the mitzvah of building the Temple
The Story of Jerusalem's Holy Temple
"Wake the Dawn" is a documentary film depicting the history and significance of the Temple, through the eyes of the Talmud and Jewish tradition. Written and Directed by Chaim Clorfene.
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