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Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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Today, if something does not happen immediately we relegate it to the “impossible” pile. If it hasn’t already occurred, we simply assume it cannot and will not...
“Israel raids… Israel kills… Israel boards… Now Israel must…"
From every site, from every page, from every location, I behold a name I adore and believe in: "Israel… Israel… Israel… Israel…" The Holy Land, homeland of our ancestors and our own as well, is once again on the lips and pens of every people on earth.
As I gaze at them, I wonder about their perceptions of their home: Do our fish realize that this twenty gallon tank is just a tiny miniature replica of their authentic home, in some faraway lake or sea?
The sight of neon red lights flashing in the car’s rear-view mirror is enough to make even the strongest of stomachs queasy. As the police car pulls up, I admit that my initial thought is whether fleeing is an option. But, as I come to my senses, I assess...
I knew I was miserable, and I had plenty of reasons to be, but I hit a low that I had never experienced before and hope never to again . . .
If children today can casually discuss technology that even the brainiest computer scientist was only aware of in the theoretical realm a mere forty years ago, it makes you wonder. What might we all be discussing very soon as part of our own regular exist...
Check luggage: $50. Want three more inches of legroom: $28. Now one airline even wants to charge for carry-ons, and has increased passenger loads by installing non-reclining seats!
How can I fathom G‑d's pain, when He is the cause of our remaining in this bitter exile? Should I feel sorry for someone who in the process of hurting or punishing others gets hurt himself?
On that morning, nearly 3,000 innocents lost their lives, and nearly 300 million lives lost their innocence. Americans lost their sense of security. Suddenly, we all felt so vulnerable.
We must let the power-that-is know that we are highly dissatisfied. I ask of you all to go in droves to the local town hall meeting and vent. Scream and rage, beg and demand...
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