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Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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I would like to know where it is written in the Torah that we should await and yearn for the arrival of a leader who will be the Moshiach.
I am concerned that Moshiach will set up a Jewish fundamentalist system. The last thing I want is a situation where I have to wear something like a Jewish burka...
From what I've read, it seems like we will automatically do the right thing. And without any decisions to make, won't life be pretty boring?
If all the great sages, mystics, and holy people of the past generations were unable to bring Moshiach in their lifetimes, how can we imagine we will be able to make it happen?
To answer this question, first consider this: Why is it that the powers of evil seem so much more apparent than those of good? The answer requires us to study the nature of good and evil. Goodness is true. It's real. It's an absolute existence. Evil is fa...
Obviously, the Egyptians did some really bad things, and something had to be done to free the children of Israel. But couldn’t G-d have found a more humane way to deal with the situation?
Six days a week we work, and on the Shabbat we rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor; the same is true with millenniums...
The fighting and unrest is because every entity feels itself to be a distinct identity, at odds with everything else which might impede its own desires or needs...
Is it true that he shall suddenly appear on a main street in Jerusalem, a poor old man spewing forth wisdom and declaring the time of redemption has arrived? If so, why will they not lock him up?
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