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Atheism & Agnosticism

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"Only on the firm foundation of unyielding despair can the soul's habitation be safely built." Who said that? Does anyone believe that?
Why would you want to debate with an atheist? What would you gain? Nobody ever convinced anyone of the existence of G‑d through debate. The atheist believes that the universe is cold and indifferent. The believer believes the universe is warm and caring. ...
I'm an atheist. I married a non-Jew and have no wish to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. My question is: can I consider myself non-Jewish, or do I need some sort of form or dispensation to be officially no longer Jewish?
I think G-d is also agnostic. He sits there perpetually wondering whether He exists or does not exist. Out of His questioning, a whole world is generated--with beings like us that go around asking, "Is this for real, or what?"
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