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Inyana Shel Toras HaChassidus (On the Essence of Chassidus)

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עִנְיָנָהּ שֶׁל תּוֹרַת הַחֲסִידוּת
This landmark discourse explores the contribution of Chasidus to a far deeper and expanded understanding of Torah. The Rebbe analyzes the relationship Chasidus has with Kabbalah, the various dimensions of the soul, the concept of Moshiach and the Divine a...
Study the Rebbe’s foundational essay on “what is chassidus”, titled “Inyanah shel Toras HaChassidus”, which explores the underlying contribution of Chassidus in relation to the soul, the Torah and divine reality. Learn this chasidic masterpiece with Rabbi...
Learning the Chasidic discourse “Inyanah shel Toras HaChasidus”
The Rebbe articulated a vision of Chassidism that illuminates the theological and methodological principle at the core of all his teachings.
Landmark release coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Rebbe’s assumption of leadership
Many people can spot a Chassidic Jew when they see one, and many can even cite several facts about the Chassidic movement and its leaders. But what exactly is Chassidism, the philosophical underpinnings of the movement which began in mid-18th century East...
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