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Coronavirus / COVID-19 (2020)

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Covid-19 has radically changed the way we live. How can Torah wisdom help us navigate an uncertain future?
What does Judaism say about a pandemic? What have the great Jewish sages and mystics taught throughout the ages, and what insight can we glean for our times?
A Shavuot message inspired by the words of King David
Join Rabbis Yehuda Shurpin and Menachem Posnerr as they discuss archane Lag BaOmer customs, coronavirus and other interesting stuff.
Watch a live interview with healthcare professionals Masha Donat and Estee Gourarie, chasidic women in the medical field, who share the latest from the battle against Covid-19, in conversation with Chana Weisberg from Chabad.org.
For the first time in our modern Jewish history, virtually all Synagogues around the world will be shut on the Final Day of Pesach. Never in living memory has nobody gone to Shul to recite the sacred memorial prayer of Yizkor and honor the eternal souls o...
A spiritual guide through the steps of the Passover Seder during Corona.
A Timely Message for Jewish Women
Note this important correction: A woman should immerse once in the mikvah instead of her regular shower and then immerse the amount of times she usually does in the mikvah. My dear sisters, Jewish women wherever you are ... The Talmud tells us: Bizchus No...
An easy to follow guide how to make a Passover Seder all on your own.
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