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No matter where we live in this ever-shrinking world, almost everyone has been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to inspirational articles along with practical guidance, we are also offering a free quarantine Kaddish service for those who ca...
For many, this Hanukkah will be like no other, celebrated in isolation, either alone or only with close family members.
Covid-19 has radically changed the way we live. How can Torah wisdom help us navigate an uncertain future?
What does Judaism say about a pandemic? What have the great Jewish sages and mystics taught throughout the ages, and what insight can we glean for our times?
Is there something we can do about it? The Jewish answer is: Yes, there is always something for us to do!
Imagine arriving in a country where you don’t speak the language or know your way around, and contracting the latest strain of Covid. Who do you turn to?
Evening of tribute and song honors beloved educator
During his 39 years of life, Rabbi Yehuda (“Yudi”) Dukes touched countless lives. As director of JNet, which connects people for weekly remote Torah-learning sessions, he brought the joy of Torah accomplishment to Jews on every continent. With his near-pe...
I received my bar mitzvah at the age of 74 via a Zoom video call with Chabad Rabbi Levi Gerlitzky, here in Kona, Hawaii.
Surge in sales again this year for those praying at home
With the sounds of the shofar already being heard each day during the month Elul, some can hear the echoes of the upcoming Rosh Hashanah prayers in anticipation of the holiday, which begins this year before sundown on Monday, Sept. 6. The High Holidays ar...
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