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Ten Plagues

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In the Passover haggadah, after we enumerate the ten plagues, we read what appears to be a simple mnemonic to remember the plagues. Discover the profound meaning embedded in this hidden code.
Topics discussed: The last four plagues: Hail, Locusts, Darkness, and Plague of the Firstborn. D'Tzach, Adash, and B'Achab. "Rabbi Yosi the Galilean said... Rabbi Eliezer said...Rabbi Akiva said…" Introduction to the Dayeinu.
In the Haggadah, our Sages debate the precise number of plagues visited upon the Egyptians in Egypt and at the crossing of the Red Sea. The spiritual relevance of their respective views provides guidance and inspiration for our own personal exodus.
Va’eira Parshah Report
Senior Weather/Catastrophe Correspondent Jono gives us a meteorological look at the ten plagues.
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 17
Featuring an in-depth review and multi-levelled clarification of the Sages seemingly disparate subdivision of the proverbial 10 Plagues in Egypt; and the full impact of the crushing Makot that struck our abusive Egyptian slave-masters. This incisive lectu...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 16
Following the ten plagues’ individualized enumeration and its accompanying mnemonic, the Haggadah narrative now turns to exegetic teachings of our Sages – introducing a 1 to 5 plague ratio principal. Rabbi Yosi invokes a divine “finger” versus “hand” anal...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 15
This careful and insightful study of the Haggadah’s inclusion of seemingly insignificant plague mnemonics is a real eye-opener. See how the mundane-looking unique restatement of the proverbial 10 plagues in abbreviation form contain incredibly profound me...
Topics discussed: “With great awe...With signs...With wonders...Blood, fire, and columns of smoke...The ten plagues...Blood, Frogs, Lice, Wild animals, Pestilence, and Boils.”
The Plague of the Firstborn (‘Makot Bechorot’)
This class introduces profound nuances of biblical nouns and verbs describing the final plague of firstborn. Careful analysis of Torah terminology serves to clarify the contradictory nature of this exceptional event that directly triggered the Exodus. See...
The Plague of Locust (‘Arbeh’)
A profound and penetrating exploration of the terrifying hordes of grasshoppers that swarmed ancient Egypt, stripping it bare of all greenery; fully destroying its agriculturally based economy. See why the Torah states that this will be the plague that we...
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