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Loschak, Aharon

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Rabbi Aharon Loschak is a writer, editor and rabbi, who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., with his family. Editor of JLI's popular Torah Studies program, he is passionate about teaching transformational Jewish ideas.
When you’re able to “see” another person and revel in the positivity and unity it brings, it will automatically make you better, as well.
Stony Brook, N.Y. rabbi is grateful and humbled by a kindness remembered
When Rabbi Chaim Grossbaum of Village Chabad-Stony Brook helped a young boy and girl whose parents were down on their luck and facing eviction, he never imagined that 25 years later, it would amount to an anonymous donation in his mailbox in the form of a...
In the meantime, it’s dark, confusing, and difficult. That’s only because the process of getting to a deeper place can give space for negative consequences. But just around the bend is a time, a space that is even deeper and greater, that it will make thi...
Don’t feel any less worthy because you’re not the next big thing, because in reality you are—by dint of the practical things you do every day.
Much of Judaism is a vast, sprawling set of laws that govern what you do. Where’s the G‑dliness, the holiness, in it all?
As part of ‘Project Flame,’ children collect pledges to do good deeds
When Jackie Hamer, a retired high school special-education teacher living in Oxnard, Calif., was approached the first night of Hanukkah at the local Chabad outdoor menorah-lighting by a young child, she wasn’t expecting what she heard. “Will you pledge to...
Diplomacy is great, but sometimes you gotta throw down the gauntlet
A fire ignited within him, an urgent drive that granted neither time nor space to negotiate. He summoned his inner ninja and did the unthinkable: he confronted the prince of Egypt himself and demanded the release of the Jewish boy. There was nothing to di...
Organizations step in as pandemic leaves financial victims everywhere
For Jews across the world, Hanukkah is a joyous time to spend with family and friends, gathering around the warm glow of the candles as boisterous children run around the house consuming inordinate amounts of treats with the adults clucking in mock disapp...
National Menorah kindled for 42nd year in a smaller, more distanced ceremony
In what many scholars have credited for bringing the message of Hanukkah to mainstream American public consciousness, the annual lighting of the National Menorah in Washington, D.C., took place for the 42d year on the first night of Hanukkah. “The Ellipse...
Sometimes, the best option is to blow things up and start over
What’s true in finances is true in religious life, and well, life in general: Sometimes, you have to blow things up and do something radically different from what you’ve been doing until now.
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