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Moshiach's Donkey

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Our sages tell us that the very same donkey which served Abraham to carry his wares on the way to the "Binding of Isaac" is the donkey which Moses used to transport his wife and children on the road to Egypt. And this is the very donkey on which the Moshi...
The Torah portion of Vayishlach begins by relating that Yaakov sent angels to his brother Esav, informing him that he had “sojourned by Lavan and tarried till now.” He then told himBereishis 32:6. that “I have acquired cattle, donkeys and sheep.” The Midr...
As a student, Rabbi Sholom Chaskind was present at the Rebbe’s first “birthday Maamar” (1952).
Special moments with the Rebbe in prayer, accompanied by a special recording of the Niggun, “Ho’aderes V’Hoemunah.”
A Story about the Rebbe Rashab
For many years, Rabbi Tzvi Greenwald worked at the “Chasam Sofer Home for Boys,” under its Director, Rabbi Akiva Sofer. Rabbi Sofer once shared a story with the boys about an encounter he had with the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom Dovber.
Part 2: Through Children’s Eyes
Rabbi Hershel Feigelstock served as principal of the Lubavitch Yeshiva in Montreal for forty years. In 1960, he began to take the High School students to New York once a year for a private audience with the Rebbe.
“Aliyah is a two-fold ascent, both physical and spiritual. In that case, the Jews in Israel can also make ‘Aliyah.’ Maimonides concludes his code of Jewish law describing the era of Moshiach with the verse: ‘For the knowledge of G-d will cover the land.’ ...
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