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Existence; Reality

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The Worship of Entitlement
Do we deserve to be here? Or is our existence an unearned gift? A sense of entitlement is the idolatrous notion that "If I exist, then I must be important."
Kabbala Toons: Episode XIII
Everything just got created right now. And now. And…
Kabbala Toons: Episode XII
What is it that isifies me?
Bridging Limits and Boundaries with Infinity and Eternity
Is the world as we know it going to end?
Fundamental questions are answered as we demystify classic mystical texts. (with Tzvi Freeman and Simcha Kanter)
The philosophy of G-d’s oneness (Tanya Ch. 20-21)
The simplest explanation is most likely to be correct
Scientific principle dictates that the simplest explanation is always most likely to be correct. Theism provides the simplest explanation for why the world we inhabit exists.
What are the deepest and most meaningful moments in people’s lives? Listen to anyone’s answer to this question and learn something profound about what is most real to us.
A Conversation with Prof. Yitzchok Block
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Dr. Yitzchok Block, answers deep questions about the origins of the universe, the meaning of life and the uniqueness of Jewish belief.
Psalms of King David 100:3
A mysterious letter "aleph" reveals the secret for closeness with G-d. Based on the verse (Psalms 100:3) "Know the Lord is G-d. It is He who made us, and we are his..."
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