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Sale of Joseph

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"ויגש אליו יהודה ויאמר בי אדני ידבר נא עבדך דבר... כי כמוך כפרעה" “And Yehudah came near him, and said: ‘Oh my lord, please let your servant speak a word... for you are as Pharaoh.’” (44:18) QUESTION: What did Yehudah tell Yosef? ANSWER: According to the ...
"והנה שבע שבלים עלות בקנה אחד בריאות וטבות והנה שבע שבלים דקות ושדופת קדים צמחות אחריהן" “Behold, seven ears of grain came up upon one stalk healthy and good, and behold, seven thin ears sprung up after them.” (41:5- 6) QUESTION: Why were only the seven g...
Joseph Tests His Brothers, Judah Pleads For Benjamin, Joseph Himself: Reveals
In The Service of Potiphar, Joseph Falsely Accused, Joseph Thrown Into Prison, Joseph, the Interpreter of Dreams
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