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Failings, Mistakes, Debacles

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Only once we are free can we speak. Slaves do not speak. They don’t have a voice. And even if they do, they will not be heard . . .
Have you ever asked yourself—or anyone else: If you could live your life all over again, what different choices would you make?
Continuing in the Kabbalistic eXtreme Sports series, Rabbi Infinity demonstrates the deeper meaning behind running up walls and jumping off cliffs. The mantra: Turn downward impact into forward motion.
She looks at me with those large brown eyes. There’s a hint of sadness, doubt, and even fear. She averts her gaze, trying to deny her act, as if she’s trying to take it back.
Ever wonder what if Adam would have responded differently after he ate the forbidden fruit?
She is my three-year-old in one of the ordinary and countless stumbles of her little every day life. But don't we all fall? And don't we yearn for an empathetic embrace, a hug or a word of encouragement?
Episode XXIV: Feivel Goes Wacko
Train your heart to be mindful, even when it's going wild
It was a moment of total meltdown for my three year old. Maybe it was a bed-time that was too late the previous night. Maybe it was too much shlepping around doing errands. Maybe it was just too full a day for her little self. But precisely at 7:21PM that...
What mortal sin did the spies commit, if they actually believed that the Land was unconquerable? And why was the nation punished for simply "listening" to an adverse report by their princes?
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