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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
What kept me there for almost half a century was the realization that I had a long-lasting impact on children—and later adults—that continued over a lifetime, and, in some cases, from my theological vantage point, even beyond...
"Rebbe" said the businessman, "it's a different world here, in America. The neighborhood I live in... our friends... it just won't be right..."
When I was 11 years old, my father gave me the manuscript as a gift. “This is a chassidic kiss,” he said. “In time I will explain.”
It was three o'clock in the morning, and the Rebbe had seen dozens of people in the course of the night...
I asked him how it was that two brothers from the same home turned out so differently. He replied, ‘It’s very simple. I had Rabbi Schochet as my teacher in junior high, my brother did not.’ ”
Two weeks in, I sensed the students for the most part had a disconnect with the thought-provoking material, despite all of my efforts.
Both your physical and spiritual needs can be satisfied by following the Torah. If you follow the Torah, it will be your healer.
You shall be clean before G-d, and before Israel (32:22) Rabbi Z.M. Steinmetz (Hebrew poet Zvi Yair) told: A family crisis had arisen in the home of one of my relatives, a not-so-distant cousin who lived in South America. Their daughter had met and fallen...
There comes a time in a religious woman’s experience when you do things by rote, and everything numbs over.
For my son, there was one teacher who stands out. He was a new teacher, fresh out of rabbinical school and trying his hand at education...
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