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You think that wisdom flows in one direction only. The supplicant asks, and the rabbi answers.
When children ask, "Where is G‑d? Why can't we see G‑d? What is a soul? What does G‑d want us to do?" we can tell them that these kinds of questions are actually coming from a place that is connected to G‑d...
Finding age-appropriate responsibilities
What responsibilities are appropriate for your child's age? Each child is unique. Remember, "educate a child according to his way"
How can we encourage kids to think, explore and experiment?
Letting them see how important prayer is to you – and that you're excited to pray – is the strongest message that you can send them. Pray together with your children!
Chana Question: What would you tell the “Wise Child” to keep his interest strong during the Passover Seder? What would make the experience even more meaningful for a child like this? How would you direct or encourage a child like this in life? Answer: Hav...
Question: Hi! I'm 11 years old, and until this year I was in public school. This year I am in a Chabad school in xxxx and I have a lot of questions. I was hoping you could help me out. Why learn only about Judaism, there's so much else out there? Why focu...
I just received news that my grandmother has very little time left to live. I am planning to fly to spend 10 days with her. I am nervous about being away from my kids, and about introducing the concept of death to their young, innocent lives...
There is a persistent myth that children should begin fasting on the three fasts before their bar/bat mitzvah, no earlier and no later.
An underlying theme of Chanukah (and Chanukah gelt) is Jewish education.
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