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One couple helps another become man and wife far from their native home
Pulling off a kosher Jewish wedding in the heart of South Korea may seem like a logistical nightmare. But Rabbi Osher Litzman, who directs the Chabad Jewish Community of Korea in Seoul with his wife, Mussy Litzman, jokes that “there are no logistical chal...
Former race-car pro reads like a rabbinic pro before his wedding
Jon Denning isn’t a stranger to the spotlight. After all, being a NASCAR driver for six years put him in front of massive crowds of racing enthusiasts as he worked the circuit pursuing his dreams. It was the fulfillment of another kind of dream that drew ...
The Majestic Bride and The Simple Servant are the newest additions to the Chasidic Heritage Series published by the Kehot Publication Society.
Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shalom Greenberg officiated at the wedding of Audrey Ohana and Denis Gi’han, the first kosher nuptials to be held at Shanghai, China’s historic Ohel Rachel’s synagogue in 60 years.
The union of Yavgani and Bela Stradovtv beneath a canopy in Tomsk, Russia, marked the first traditional Jewish wedding in the Siberian city in a century.
Chaim and Segal Harari joined under the chuppah at the Cyprus Jewish Community Centre in Larnaca.
Wednesday’s wedding between Rivky Krasnjansky to Rabbi Avremel Chazanow will mark the culmination of 20 years of Chabad-Lubavitch activities in Hawaii.
The new Jewish Marriage site offers tips, insights and explanations about getting married.
Chabad emissary in Panama provides techniques for optimal communication
Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis and rebbetzins wear many hats: Torah teachers, educators, mediators, hosts, cooks, party-planners, communal leaders. And because of their direct work with people, publically and privately, and frequently in time of need, it’s quite...
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