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The first question the heavenly court asks upon your return home: “Did you do business with integrity?” For that is when you truly fixed up this world.
- "I know my son, I know. Also he shall become a nation, also he shall be great; but his younger brother shall be greater than he…" (48:19) The wholesome simplicity of a simple Jew touches upon the utterly simple essence of G-d. Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov...
How MONEY can make you truly happy
Create a FAMILY in which every member is on the same team
Lech Lecha
Is money good or bad? Is it only a means to an end, or is there some intrinsic spirtiual component to money that makes it so powerful?
Assuming obligations for the future
The repayment of a mortgage signifies that the mortgagee has fully discharged his debt to the bank and is now in complete possession of the property. Parallel with this type of mortgage is another kind a spiritual and moral “mortgage” incumbent upon every...
The more you celebrating what you have, the more you are given.
All the world is a classroom. Each thing you must do is a lesson.
There is a special, basic instruction that one can derive from accountancy: that a discrepancy of even a penny indicates a basic error in the bookkeeping as significant as if it were a substantial amount. This is not the case in ordinary business transact...
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