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The greatest form of charity
I recently completed a major business deal and made a profit of several hundred-thousand-dollars. I live a rather simple lifestyle and was wondering if you could offer some advice on what I should do with the money.
Question: Should one who is blessed with vast wealth spend it on luxuries? Is a wealthy person expected to live with restraint, or is it okay for him to spend his hard-earned money on living a lifestyle beyond that which an ordinary person can afford? How...
I am nauseated by the way the Jewish community honors rich people. Every corner of my synagogue has some plaque in the name of some major donor. If I'm not mistaken, the hand dryer in the men's room is in honor of the ____ family...
Question: Again you're sending me a nice holiday greeting and again I see at the end that you're asking for money. Why is it that every Jewish organization is constantly asking for money? In my books, religion and money don't mix. Torah is meant to be fre...
Is it possible for someone to have bad luck? I am a college graduate, a learned man, but cannot seem to make any money...
When dedicating a new home, the shehecheyanu blessing is recited. The words are: Baruch Ata A-do-nai Elo-heinu Melech Haolam she-hech-e-ya-nu v'ki-ma-nu v'hi-gi-ya-nu li-z'man hazeh. Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the Universe, who has granted us ...
The halachic issues that arise when a Jew sells non-kosher items have been explored for centuries.
We’ll focus on perhaps the most practical (and the most prone to be disregarded) areas of Jewish law: the laws of interest.
We both work full-time and live modestly, but it’s just not enough. I’m constantly tense, and I feel like I can’t breathe. What can I do?
A perspective on women in Judaism
“I like to sit next to my husband during synagogue services; that’s why I don’t go to Chabad,” a nice lady told me.
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