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Jochebed: (a) (b. 1523 BCE) Daughter of Levi; wife of Amram; mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. One of the seventy original members of Jacob’s household that emigrated to Egypt. The Talmud identifies her with the midwife Shifra, who practiced midwifery in Egypt together with Puah (Miriam), and defied Pharaoh’s orders to kill Israelite babies. (b) A common Jewish name.
Yocheved, the mother of Moses and Aaron and Miriam, surely was one of the greatest Jewish women that ever lived. Think of it: Moses, who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and who received the Torah on Mount Sinai. Aaron, who was the high priest ...
The Story of Two Inspirational Mentors: Yocheved and Miriam
Having a mentor means having someone you look up to that can show you the larger picture and perspective of life. Here's how these two women inspired an entire generation of Jewish women.
Mother of Moses
The sum of the souls of the house of Jacob who came to Egypt was seventy. - Bible. The total sum given by the Torah is seventy; but in their particular enumeration, we find only sixty nine! ... This is Yocheved [mother of Moses]... who was born between th...
Question: What was Jochebed's reason for putting Baby Moses in a basket and placing him in the Nile? It would seem that by doing so she was sentencing the baby to certain death? Was her intention for someone to find the basket and take care of Moses? Answ...
Their lives were miserable, they were slaves, and all they could think about was their superficial appearance?
Here is some info you might find interesting. Jocheved had the rare distinction of both entering and leaving Egypt, Seder Olam Rabba 9. and according to tradition she actually outlived her son Moses and entered the Holy Land (at the age of 250!). Amram li...
Parshat Shemot
As a mother of young children, it is easy for me to lose perspective amidst the peaks and valleys of parenting. It will be years before I will see the fruits of my labor . . .
Pioneers of Faith
Childbirth, perhaps more than any other life event, is an experience that demands a strong dose of faith and surrender. No matter how well planned or organized we may be, the inevitable moment will arise...
Moses Parents Levi's grandson, Amram, the son of Kehot, married Jochebed, and she bore him three children. Their first child was a girl by the name of Miriam, who was later to become a great prophetess of the Jewish people. The second child was Aaron, the...
1394 BCE
Amram and Jocheved had separated because of Pharaoh's decree that all male Jewish babies be killed. Prompted by their six-year-old daughter Miriam's rebuke ("Pharaoh decreed against the males; you decreed against the males and the females") they remarried...
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