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Transcendence & Immanence

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Insights into Ashrei - Part 2
The difference between seeing G-d's involvement in our lives as opposed to believing in his loftier qualities. (Based on Psalms 145:3-10)
Episode XXVI: Isifier III
Only G-d can play the game inside and out
Fundamental questions are answered as we demystify classic mystical texts.
Reflecting on her life work as an educator on campus, on cutting edge technology, and on the central image of the educator in Chabad's theological teachings, a veteran shluchah gets to the heart of how our own lives transform the lives of others.
Understanding why the Creator is so often referred to in the masculine in Jewish tradition, and why the kabbalists often refer to G-d as female as well.
Reclaim your inner child and reach beyond the labels.
Reclaim your inner child. Open your eyes of innocence. See the miraculous in the mundane; the extraordinary in the ordinary. Life is joyously wonderful when you gift yourself the presence of G-d.
A Chassidic reading of a Talmudic passage provides models for self transcendence
Two discourses by the seventh Rebbe of Chabad build on earlier teachings of the sixth Rebbe, to discover novel insight in a Talmudic passage, applying it to questions of rationalism, contemplative prayer, and eros.
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