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Transcendence & Immanence

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There’s a third way to get to G-d
Meaningful experiences are a compromise. Transcendental ones leave you in the dust. There’s a third way to get to G‑d, the one you would least expect.
On the question asked by wisdom itself
Wisdom, it turns out, is prototyped not by its answer, but by its question. But what is the question that wisdom never ceases to ask?
Insights into Ashrei - Part 2
The difference between seeing G-d's involvement in our lives as opposed to believing in his loftier qualities. (Based on Psalms 145:3-10)
Sinai unequivocally states that you do not have to resign yourself to a life of duality
Episode XXVI: Isifier III
Only G-d can play the game inside and out
Torah study or prayer? Man or Woman? A transcendent perspective or an emphatic view? Two pathways through life, and two consolations in the future redemption...
The paradox of the flame's life: its attachment to wick and fuel in the lamp sustains both its continued existence and its incessant striving for oblivion
Solitary and without friend/ Is he/ Therefore/ Every man/ Is his brother
We're in this world. It seems real to us, but it's really an ingenious charade designed to make us think that it's real, act as if it's real, and thus allow it to feed on our vitality (didn't I see this in a movie somewhere?)
Attah Zocher Ma'asay Olam
On the awesome day of Rosh Hashanah, G-d shifts into transcendent mode. "The Throne of Judgment," our sages call it. Our mission: to re-awaken the flow of energy to the cosmos. To re-engage G-d
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