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Caring (5)
A closer look at the Hebrew word Ahava (love).
A novel perspective on levels of love, soul mates, relationships, parents and children, and the commandment to love G-d.
What the Rebbe taught us about loving others—and ourselves.
The Hebrew word AHAVAH (love) is defined in terms of ELOKUT (G-dness).
Something Spiritual on Parshat Chayei Sarah
What comes first, love or marriage? The Torah reframes the meaning of love.
A central theme in Jewish canonical literature
Dialogues of Love, by Rabbi Yehuda Abravanel, was one of the most popular philosophical works of the 16th century. From the rich tradition of Jewish mysticism and thought, extending to Talmudic and Midrashic texts, he drew deep insight that remains striki...
The Worship of Love
Americans are a society of people who "love to love." But is love itself a value?
Advice for Couples
How couples can build the kind of life together where both will give and receive the maximum amount of love.
We are commanded to love every Jew at all times. But is this really doable? And what exactly is this love that is demanded of us?
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