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Nigun Podoh v’Sholom

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During a farbrengen celebrating the Alter Rebbe’s liberation from Czarist imprisonment on 19 Kislev, chasidim sing the nigun, Podoh V’sholom.
Chasidim sing the nigun Podoh V’sholom, at a farbregnenmarking the yartzeit and liberation of the Mitteler Rebbe.
During a Farbrengen marking the Alter Rebbe’s liberation from Czarist prison on the 19th of Kislev, Chasidim sing a Nigun with words from Psalms that he was reciting at the time of his release.
The Rebbe requests chasidim to sing the song Podoh B’sholom in honor of the Mitteler Rebbe’s birthday and anniversary of passing.
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