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You don’t have to ignore your achievements to be humble.
True confidence is best found in those who are truly humble.
Prayer needs fortitude, a stringent effort on the part of him who prays. The involvement must be total, a rallying of all strength and concentration as when fighting a formidable enemy.
I went round to the door and knocked. After a rather long minute the door opened. I took in the scene: newspapers were laid out on the table, German papers, Russian papers. Of the kabalistic book not a trace.
Don’t be fooled. Don’t fool others. Don’t fool yourself.
Upon his arrival from Petersburg "I have become small from all the favours and from all..." This means that by every favour (chesed) that G-d bestows upon man, (man) is to become very humble. For "chesed is the right arm," and "Hi...
Upon his Arrival from Petersburg The Alter Rebbe sent this pastoral letter to all his followers, upon his release from the imprisonment brought about by calumnies instigated by the opponents of Chassidism.See The Arrest and Liberation of Rabbi Shneur Zalm...
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