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Learning to Let Go
I know it’s a childish and irrational projection, but that’s how I sum up my heavenly Father – the One up there who has no malice towards me, but is certainly not dependable, who will lure me into a false sense of security, if I let Him, but then will pul...
Ethics 4:1
Rabbi Akiva was sure that this great honor was being extended to his friend, Rabbi Yaacov, and so he slipped quietly out of the wagon in order to join the others who were pulling the carriage.
"I've been running away from greatness all my life," the man insisted, "yet greatness is not running after me!"
He was perched on a white steed, accompanied by an entourage of soldiers. He wore a flashy uniform, and a glossy medallion, indicating his high rank, hung from his neck...
“You lowly, despicable man!” thundered the Hungarian visitor. “What do you know! You obviously have no understanding of anything holy and spiritual!”
“Go back to your shop,” advised Rabbi Yerachmiel. “Remove all the stitches in this garment, sew them anew exactly as you sewed them before, and bring it to the prince.” “But then I’ll have the same garment I have now!” protested the tailor.
The Chassid noticed that the young "Rebbe's Son" was all too aware of his own achievements.
The festival of Passover was not far off. Households bustled happily from morning till evening with cleaning and shopping.
“The boy isn’t at all what he seems. Don’t be fooled by superficiality."
“You’re invited to dine with me but I have one simple request: for each meal, please prepare a small dvar Torah to share at the table.”
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