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Isifiying them is one thing. Investisizing within them is another. Both—that‘s just divine!
It’s one thing to create creatures out of nothing. It’s another to investisize yourself within them. And doing both at the same time--well, that’s just divine.
He spoke with pride in the very room that filled his predecessors with fear. His words were a clarion call for Jews who came away feeling that something that needed saying for a long time had just gotten off their chest.
This particular neighborhood with a bustling Jewish population has always amazed me. It was an interesting mix of new and old, modern and traditional, big city cosmopolitanism at the same time as small, old shtetl village style.
Somehow the anonymity of a diverse group of strangers coming together from far and near, opens the channels of communication, awakens sleeping hearts and forges new bonds. Personal life stories begin flowing freely just as the choice wines at each meal...
When I really think about it, what she says make sense. I mean, aren't most religions the cause for strife and warfare today? Isn't it true that the world is flush with intolerant, hypocritical religious people?
He was a nerd. And, like most of us nerds out there, he was practically crawling out of his skin. He was trying to figure out life.
"If you want to make it with people," Prager said, "don't talk to them about their work or politics. Speak about their hobbies and their families."
I gave him the list. Two pages long. Everything from, "How do I know the Torah is from G‑d and that it's true?" to "Why did G‑d create scorpions and mosquitoes?"
My son confirmed the merits of our fastidious labelling system, and how it prevented his clothes from getting lost in the notorious clothes-eating camp laundromat. And I began to consider the benefits of labels. Not only on clothes. But for people, too...
The Rebbe took his correspondence very seriously, personally responding to most letters addressed to him, even those sent by young children.
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