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The Torah instructs us to remember Amalek's evil deed of ambushing the Israelites on their way from Egypt. Amalek symbolizes the ultimate evil: pure chutzpah; yet in remembering this lies a profound positive message.
A remarkable Jewish odyssey
Tonica Marlow, a female Evangelical minister, embarks on an incredible journey to rediscover her Jewish heritage. This riveting story of the Jewish spirit resonates deep within the soul.
I am a Jew and I am proud -- and I am respected for it.
Does Judaism leave room for pluralism? By understading Unity, one of the basic cconcepts in Jewish thought and belief, we can explore this question.
The Torah commands us to remember six pivotal events that occurred in the formative period of our history. Of all of them only the commandment to remember what Amalek did to us is observed by a public Torah reading. This class explains why and offers the ...
The commonality of Jewish souls
Love can be so elusive, yet we are expected to love our fellow Jew. What does it mean? How is it done?
The Torah tells us close to nothing about Abraham up until the narrative of G-d instructing him – at age seventy-five – to leave his birthplace. But, why no mention of his greatness and past achievements?
Your spiritual status: a gift of genealogy?
With scientific breakthroughs in deciphering DNA, we can now better appreciate how we are molded in the image of our parents and ancestors. Does the same apply to our souls?
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