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They continued their walk along the water, passing fishing boats, ferry docks and cruise ship ports along the way...
I’m not interested in a heritage of pogroms and persecution and annihilation. I don’t want to hear about all the suffering of the Jews. And why should I have faith in a G-d who allowed my father to abandon me and my mother? And mysticism? A bunch of nonse...
Kabbalah facts and fantasies
I have always felt that the essence of spirituality is that, underneath it all, we are all one. Isn't it absurd to characterize a soul as "Jewish"? Why put souls in boxes?
Chief Rabbi of Safed declares Kabbalah study by non-Jews a positive development.
Some folks think of people much as we think of cars on a highway: each with its own origin and destination, relating to one other only to negotiate lane changes and left-hand turns. But people are not cars.
What one seeks in This World directs the path of his soul as it ascends the spiritual realms.
Chapter Two, Part 1
Each place has its unique spiritual character, as do those fit to dwell there.
Chapter Two, Part 3
Of the ten attributes of defilement, the Jews were only able to vanquish the lower seven.
The study of Kabbala affects our relationship with the nations
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