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Joseph and his Brothers

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A series of drawings by Dutch artist Shoshannah Brombacher, based on the Biblical stories about Joseph, the son of the patriarch Jacob
This is the first recorded moment in history in which one human being forgives another.
We all experience the pain of being treated unjustly by others. Anger is the natural reaction, yet it's counter-productive and often self-destructive. The story of Joseph and his brothers teaches us how to deal with these feelings...
The Tenth of Tevet is a fast day commemorating the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem which led to the destruction of the First Temple. It is therefore the first of the four fastsThe other three are 17 Tammuz (the day the walls of Jerusalem were breached...
"And He called out, 'Remove everyone from before me,' and there remained no one with them when Joseph revealed himself to his brothers... And he said: 'I am Joseph your brother whom you sold into Egypt.'" (Genesis ) Two questions present themselves: a) wh...
The money and the possessions of the Jewish people are very precious to G-d, because in them are found these holy sparks that we are meant to uplift.
The story of Joseph and his brothers is confounding. What was Joseph’s agenda? Why did he devise this intricate plan that included framing his younger brother?
The confrontation between Judah and Joseph is deeper and more meaningful than just a story. It is two worldviews colliding.
At the end of his life when lying on his deathbed, Jacob gives each of his sons a special blessing. About Joseph he says (Genesis 49: 22-26): "A charming son is Joseph, a charming son to the eye, Sometimes translated as: 'A young fruit tree is Joseph, a y...
When Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, he reassures them that he will not take revenge for their vile deed in selling him into slavery. He is alive, and now he is the viceroy in Egypt. He tells them that actually G‑d sent him to Egypt to save his fa...
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