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Question: Again you're sending me a nice holiday greeting and again I see at the end that you're asking for money. Why is it that every Jewish organization is constantly asking for money? In my books, religion and money don't mix. Torah is meant to be fre...
We’ll focus on perhaps the most practical (and the most prone to be disregarded) areas of Jewish law: the laws of interest.
We both work full-time and live modestly, but it’s just not enough. I’m constantly tense, and I feel like I can’t breathe. What can I do?
Taxes have always been a very divisive issue. In fact, taxes are what split Israel into two kingdoms during biblical times.
Your friend gets to make her purchase and you get to rack up some points. Kosher?
Question: Recently, I learned that we do not handle money or buy and sell on Shabbat. How does this square with the practice of making appeals and bidding for the honors, which I remember from the High Holiday services of my childhood? Answer: Yes, there ...
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