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Ma Tovu

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Exploring Rashi’s commentary on Ma Tovu
The wicked Balaam wished to curse the Jews, but when he saw the Jewish camp, he simply had to bless us. What was it that he saw?
Parsha Curiosities: Balak
Balaam’s famous prophetic words “Ma Tovu” occupy a unique place of prominence in the Hebrew Scriptures, our daily prayers and Jewish liturgical compositions. Oftentimes even emblazoned on Holy Ark’s and Synagogue facades, they clearly contain many marvelo...
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 7
In this lesson we explore the importance to prepare ourselves before we begin to pray, and why it’s necessary to verbally express our prayers. We preface the introductory prayers with a commitment to love our fellow Jew, which is followed by words of ‘Ma ...
The fashion and glamor of the wider world can look most alluring. Why, the logic goes, should I stand out like a sore thumb among the rest of society? To that end, dressing in a way that is different to that of the society around us can be a real challeng...
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