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Struggle, Challenge & Adversity

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Effort (53)
The “bad” parent is not the one whose child ends up doing the wrong thing. The “bad” parent is the one who doesn’t intervene, react, and try to change the situation once it happens...
What’s really hiding under the ugly face of darkness?
There’s only one way to transform the ugliest, nastiest, darkest gunk of this world: by letting it make you stronger. That’s when you’ve ripped off its mask . . .
The ultimate tutorial for surmounting every rock, mountain and cliff-hanger of life.
The harder your roots have to work to get to the water, the more intense will be the taste of your wine.
We scratch because it feels good. At least in the moment. And it is a relief. But the pain always returns, for the itch comes back begging for more, and the cycle continues . . .
Were the traders foolish to fall for it? Or was the sell-off a reasonable response to a roller coaster economy?
How AA’s Twelve Steps Can Help You
The Twelve Step Program is one of the most successful self-help models in existence, so successful, in fact, that it has been modified and adapted by other groups. What is it that makes this program so versatile?
Though I was accustomed to the Rebbe's handwriting, this particular letter was now like a maze, a labyrinth of words...
An Antidote for Despair
The source of much of our misery is that we view our lives in a limited way, as a snapshot, believing that what we hold now represents how we always were and will be. But everything in our world remains in a state of flux. At every moment there is enormou...
Christopher Reeve and George Reeves. On the surface, the two men’s lives seem similar. But each held such different belief systems, effectively changing the direction of how they led their lives--and how they died...
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