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Struggle, Challenge & Adversity

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Effort (53)
Life throws at us many twists and turns which literally place us at the very brink of a given situation. What is the purpose of being on the very edge?
This informative and revealing talk discusses the virtue of struggling with the unG-dly nature which gives us an understanding of how the baal teshuva is greater than the tzaddik. The discussion touches on the heroic nature of the Holocaust martyrs. In ou...
A story of heartbreak and hardship, hope and inspiration.
Dina Hurwitz is a proud mother of seven children, whose life was turned upside down when, in 2013, her husband, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, was diagnosed with ALS. Amid the battle of her husband’s terrible illness and raising her family, Dina courageously inspir...
Mrs. Devorie Kreiman shares her personal journey of discovering strength and joy in the face of overwhelming tragedy, pain and challenge. Her message of courage and faith amid extraordinary loss inspires us to overcome the challenges in our lives.
Life’s Turbulence
Life certainly has its fair share of ups and downs. One minute things are going well, the next, perhaps not so much. We usually chalk it up to life just being unexpected, unpredictable and volatile. In this lesson we explore Kabbalistic wisdom on the sour...
Drawing on personal experience in facing grave illness, David Kaufmann shares Torah ideas on challenges to our faith.
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