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Shabbat Foods

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The Complete Format for the Traditional Shabbat Dinner
More than just a cooking video, A Taste of Shabbat presents the historic and cultural background of the foods and traditions that make the Shabbat such a meaningful experience.
The rhyme and reason for the customary Shabbat menu
Explore the rich background, significance and symbolism of the time-honored Shabbat menu, as sourced in classic Jewish texts, their halachic underpinnings and the mystical perspective.
There are copious Talmudic references to fish on the Shabbat menu, yet, despite its apparent deep history something seems fishy as it virtually disappears from Torah literature for over 1000 years – only to reappear with regularity in Halachik codes and R...
Chabad at the University of Vermont hands out Shabbat "care packages" to students.
Eleven Answers to One Question
The prophet Isaiah (58:13) tells us, “And you will proclaim the Sabbath a ‘delight,’ and the holy [day] of G‑d, ‘honored.’ ” Noting that this verse requires us to both delight in Shabbat and honor it, our rabbis explain that one honors Shabbat by wearing ...
This salad is very hot. If you are not used to eating spicy salads, taste with caution. If the salad is too hot for you and your mouth feels like it's on fire, eat bread. Water, soup etc. will not help. Ingredients: 8 large cubes of pumpkin 2 small/medium...
Thursday Dinner and Friday Lunch / Late Afternoon Snacks
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