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Individual, The Power & Uniqueness of the

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The importance of the individual in Judaism
Vayechi Parshah Report
Itche and Jono trade places for a day. Hilarity ensues.
Imagine a symphony of uncountable instruments, each playing its unique part in harmony and counterpoint. That's our world.
Chassidus guides us to serve Hashem according to our individual abilities
It can be intimidating and discouraging to hear others say that we have such great potential, when we know how far we fall short. When we think about our personal natural abilities, they may indeed be limited. By learning to tap into the potential G-d imp...
Ascending gradations of holiness and beyond
Learn why the Holy Temple was specifically built on an incline and not on level ground. Next, we explore the sacred vessels of the Temple: are they to be viewed as parts of a greater whole or of individual value? This insight conveys a profound truth in t...
We are music conductors performing divine compositions
Even if you are not even a speck of dust compared to the cosmos, know that you are important—very important—to G-d.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Metzora
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